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Performance is one word that is used to describe multiple scenarios when talking about application performance. When someone says I need a High Performance Application, it might mean any/all of the following: Low web latency application ( meaning low page loading times) Application that can serve ever increasing number of users (scalability) Application that does not go down (either highly available or continuously available) For each of the above, as an architect you need to dig deeper to find out what the user is asking for. With the advent of cloud, every CIO is looking to build applications that meet all of the above scenarios. With the advent of elastic compute, one tends to think that by throwing hardware to the application, we may be able to achieve all of the above objectives. The patterns employed to achieve the above scenarios at times are different and it i... (more)

MapReduce for dummies

Continuing the coverage on Hadoop component, we will go through the MapReduce component. MapReduce is a concept that has been programming model of LISP. But before we jump into MapReduce, lets start with an example to understand how MapReduce works. Given a couple of sentences, write a program that counts the number of words. Read more » ... (more)

HDFS for dummies

Whenever a newbie wants to start learning the Hadoop, the number of elements in a Hadoop stack are mind bogling and at times difficult to comprehend. I am trying to de-crypt the whole stack and help explain the basic pieces in my own way. Before we start talking about the Hadoop Stack, let us take a step back and try to understand what led to the origins to the Hadoop. Problem – With the prolification of the internet, the amount of data stored growing up. Lets take an example of a search engine (like Google), that needs to index the large of amount of data that is being generated. ... (more)

WebSphere Portal V6.1 Security Overview

The following presentation provides a very good view of the WebSphere Portal V6.1 Security Model. Websphere Portal v6.1 Security Overview View more presentations from Munish Gupta. ... (more)

Book Review - Application Development for IBM WebSphere Process Server 7 and Enterprise Service Bus 7

SOA has become an important middleware component for any Enterprise application. All enterprise applications need to connect variety of systems and SOA has become the ubiquitous middle ware glue. It is in this context, I am reviewing the book “Application Development for IBM WebSphere Process Server 7 and Enterprise Service Bus 7”. I was requested to review the book by the publishers-Packt Publishing but the review is all mine. My first impression when I looked at the contents table was, the book seemed to be covering the topics all the relevant topic’s. The use of a fictitious w... (more)